Office of Information Technology (OIT) Media Team

Every organization has its own strategy, planning, policy, activity, announcement, and decisions. However, University of Sulaimani is one of the largest organizations in the city of Sulaimani that consist of almost twenty-three thousand students, around three thousand administrative and technical staff, and over two thousand academic staff.

Such an organization require the best way to communicate with all of its members, to inform them of what recently happens in the organization. Therefore, the best way of communication would be its digital media, which is currently the university new website, with an active Media team to organize and provide the latest news and activity of the site.

Digital Media plays and important role in most of the organization's website, publically and privately, because it consists of all the kind of data including graphics, images, audio and video, though typically excluding raw text or executable code.

The term multimedia suggests a collection of different types of media or the ability to handle such collection.  

A dedicated unit has established in the Office of Information Technology (OIT) to handle the website media organization, and to centralize all the information inserts into the website. This unit is supervised by the head of digital media team (Pave Jamil Ahmed) and her assistant (Shakar Muhammad Fatah).

Our contacts are:   

Media Team:                    

Amanj Qadir Rasul            

Pave Jamil Ahmed:           

Shakar Muhammad Fatah: 

Kosar Osman Amin            

Zanyar Majeed Fatah        

Shna Ahmed Amin