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Directorate of Information Technology

A dedicated and passionate team endeavouring to come up with cutting-edge solutions and services for every tech related requirement at UoS.

Who We Are

Residing at the heart of University of Sulaimani, Directorate of Information Technology aims to provide all UoS Campuses with innovative, practical and effective staff-focused IT support along core IT services. In relation to a fast growing industry, we deem it crucial to produce efficacious services that aid in education and administration to refine all technical works within university. Some of our services include: ID Cards, eMail Services, Internet Access, Handling Data, CCTV and many more services on the horizon.
This innovative support staff initially consisted of three main branches, which are:
Administration: HR and Accountancy.
Technical: Provision of all services such as website, networking, maintenance and internet services.
Training Center: ICDL and Cisco Academy.

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Our Services

The Directorate of Information Technology is engaged in a perpetual research and experiment for developing the most suitable and applicable softwares and productive systems for university environments. In addition to agile development, DIT handles all transmissions of data.
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Email Service

Provision of a refined system of end-to-end mail exchange.

Internet Access

Establishment of a credible network infrastructure at all buildings.

Staff ID Card

Personalised card for all university personnel, used for authorization.

Student ID Card

Unique credentials for all active students at university.
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