University of Sulaimani (UoS)

Directorate of Information Technology and Statistics

Office of Information Technology (OIT)

The aim of our Office of Information Technology (OIT), is to provide the University of Sulaimani Campuses (city center campus, new Campus and Bakrajo) with innovative, staff-focused IT support and core IT services. Under the leadership of University President and office of vice president for scientific affair and higher education.

The innovative support initially consists of three main branches, which are: (website, Network and maintenance) website including the service and support, Network administration of the three campus under two different managements, and maintenance department. However, this office is developing rapidly, which constantly adding more responsibility to the (OIT), in order to increase and improve the quality of technology in our university and centralizing Technology for the entire campuses.

Under the new management in 2015 (OIT) has expanded and became the center of focus to everyone, alongside to the fast growth. The new responsibilities were adding new services and units to (OIT) with the intention of better services. The expansion included Unit of Identification Card, email-service, Media Unit, CCTV unit and data center unit.