Office of Information Technology (OIT) Network

The branch of Network and Data center at the UoS is responsible for supporting the university Network and the data center in all the university campuses. Our mission is to provide connection, storage, backup and security for academic, administrative and students. Currently we have twelve members of technical staff to main and support the network.

There are two different technologies used to connect these campuses to the outside world in UoS:

  1. New Campus Network: this is a new network design and configuration, which is built with the new university buildings, it is a CISCO based network that relays on the CISCO engineering and products, because Cisco has been central to many historic changes in technology and its use. Now, when the technology industry is going through a period of dramatic change, Cisco remains the market leader in multiple areas, such as routing and switching, unified communications, mobility, and security. The company helped catalyze the industry's move toward IP, and, now that it is fully under way, Cisco is at the center of fundamental changes in the way the world communicates.
  2. City center and Bakrajo Campuses: these are the older campuses of the university, they have used different technology rather than CISCO to get connected to the world. The technology is MikroTik, which has a reputation for consistent and superior performance, outstanding work, and adherence to structured quality management methodologies ensures the delivery of high-quality services, enabling the increased capability to manage larger tasks while maintaining the flexibility, budget conscious cost-savings, and rapid decision-making of a small business.

here at the New Campus the new campus network it is a CISCO hierarchical network, that is consists of 275 CISCO switches distributed all around the campus connected by single-mode fiber optic cables between buildings and also has a server farm in our data center and it is just like figs below.