Office of Information Technology (OIT) Website

In the office of Information Technology (OIT), there are different branches, and website is one of those branches, which currently run by a professional team under the (OIT) management.

In December 2014 the team submitted a proposal to change the UoS website and web presence, which wasn't an easy decision for the management due to the size of the website. However after a long discussion and consultation, finally the decision to change the website got granted, although it was a big decision and required a lot of works, but the project started with a limited budget and resources, and eventually got completed successfully in June 2015, as the team worked day and night 24/7 to present their knowledge in this project and complete it within a dedicated time.

The new website constructed from scratch (coded, server side, design and layout), and the role of each one were given in the project according to knowledge and expertise. Each member of the website team took a part of the project in order to complete the tasks.

The tasks were divided into six sections:

  1. Main Interface development and design, by IT Team.
  2. Google Site website for all the faculties and Academic Staff, by Karzan Tahir over 2000 profiles.
  3. Google Site website for all the administrative offices, by Kewan Omar over 100 websites.
  4. Back end, paperwork, documentation and substantial technical data entry by, Nashwan Jabar.
  5. Data entry and updates completed by: Chopy Muhammad, Kurda Karim , Alan Qadir, Jwan Jalal, Avan Jamal and Maria Karim.
  6. Email admin is running by, Avan Jamal and Nashwan Jabar.