CISCO Center

Office of Information Technology (OIT) Cisco Academic Center

This academy has been established in the University of Sulaimani in 2007 as first local academy in Sulaimani City; it is supervised by the ESCWA Organization funded by the Iraqi budget. Through a bond with CISCO Company,14,000,000 US $ was allocated for buying and providing the necessary equipment for five regional academies all over Iraq, as well as forty local academies which are distributed over the regional academies, as well as providing, training and preparing teachers for such academies. By this, the University of Sulaimani has now one local academy.

These academies are directly supported-in terms of software-by the CISCO Company for communication and Technologies through providing programs and courses; the tests are conducted online and the certificates are awarded by CISCO which is accredited throughout the world and it is highly valued. The regional academies are directly supervised by the main training centre CATC in the American University in Lebanon. The local academies are supervised by the regional academies one of which is now supervising the local academies in the Universities of Sulaimani, Kirkuk, Koya and the engineering College of Salahaddin University and Erbil Technical Institute. The sixth local academy was licensed by the regional academy in the Sulaimani Computer Institute which provided the equipment on their own expenses.

The regional academy has the right to increase the local academies according to the site and the significance of the place as advised by the CATC, but the necessary equipment and the laboratory have to be provided by the party that asks for that local academy.

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