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Our Resources

The Directorate of Information Technology is engaged in a perpetual research and experiment for developing the most suitable and applicable softwares and productive systems for university environments. In addition to agile development, DIT handles all transmissions of data concerned with university indexes, such as: profiles of students, lecturers, staff, employees and directors, academic accomplishments, student exchange and international agreements. One of our most recent services is the distribution of ID cards for concurrent students, teachers and employees. Our diligent team is always looking forward to formulating worthwhile solutions to all hurdles in the process of education, often with the singular goal of prospering and refining the workflow of both administrative and pedagogic aspects of university duty.

What We Offer

Email Service

Provision of a refined system of end-to-end mail exchange.

Internet Access

Establishment of a credible network infrastructure at all buildings.

Staff ID Card

Personalised card for all university personnel, used for authorization.

Student ID Card

Unique credentials for all active students at university.

Data management

Process and storage of crucial information circulating at UoS.

CCTV Systems

Setup of camera mechanisms and connecting them all together.
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(+964) 07705007598