About the (OIT) and Brief History

The aim of our Office of Information Technology (OIT), is to provide the University of Sulaimani Campuses (city center campus, new Campus and Bakrajo) with innovative, staff-focused IT support and core IT services. Under the leadership of University President and office of vice president for scientific affair and higher education.

The innovative support initially consists of three main branches, which are: (website, Network and maintenance) website including the service and support, Network administration of the three campus under two different managements, and maintenance department. However, this office is developing rapidly, which constantly adding more responsibility to the (OIT), in order to increase and improve the quality of technology in our university and centralizing Technology for the entire campuses.

Under the new management in 2015 (OIT) has expanded and became the center of focus to everyone, alongside to the fast growth. The new responsibilities were adding new services and units to (OIT) with the intention of better services. The expansion included Unit of Identification Card, email-service, Media Unit, CCTV unit and data center unit.

In 1992, once the University of Sulaimani (UoS) reopened, then the office of Information Technology (OIT) established under the title of University’s Computer Center. This center was established and managed by an academic Staff of (UoS), which he was a lecturer at the university as well: Nzar Abdul-Qadir (PhD), although During that time, the field of IT were not as developed as nowadays, and they were limited to supply computer, digital maintenance and internet services to some of departments in (UoS), this center was not only an achievement for the university, but it also became a center of consultation for some of the local and new established IT companies. Many people (academic and non-academic) has worked and learned in this center and it has become an institute to produce IT technicians for the university and the entire city. Moreover, the center then started to organize computer training and courses for academic staff and local people to provide and prepare them with the knowledge of technology for their daily tasks.

After the liberation of Iraq in 2003, technology grew faster due to the fund availability by the central governments and the support of the Local Government for technology, which eventually technology became largely available in Kurdistan Universities and for public. However, during that time the internet service also became faster, more reliable and widely available, which created an overall impacted on the IT and the university computer centre grew larger and became more responsible. In fact the center's name has changed to office of Information Technology (OIT) for the university, which nowadays managing the three campuses (city centre campus, new Campus and Bakrajo), and trying to provide the best quality of service in some field of technology to the university and supply them with most modernized equipment's.

Nowadays this (OIT) consists of three branches, which are responsible for the university websites, peripheral maintenance and Network maintenance, it also provides other services of computer labs for learning, such as CISCO academic center and Students Identification Cards.

First (OIT) manager was: Nzar Abdul-Qadir (PhD) 1992 -

Second Manager: Aree Ali Mohammed (PhD) – Dec 2014

Third Manager: Rebaz Nawzad Mohammed (MSc) Dec 2014 - Sep 2016

Fourth Manager : Aysser Abdul Khaliq AbdulRahman (PhD) Sep 2016 - Cont.